“Free Tom Brady” Beer Being Sold at Massachusetts Bar

By Vincent Frank
Courtesy of Facebook

This might not be the equivalent of the Boston Tea Party, but one local bar in Massachusetts is looking for a way to promote its company by selling “Free Brady Blonde IPA.”

Courtesy of Facebook

Courtesy of Facebook

IPA is the way to go with stuff like this. It’s pretty much a beer that everyone has a taste for. Blonde? Well, that’s just plain odd.

Some may think this is ridiculous, but at least Eagle Brook Saloon is donating $1 to Brady’s favorite charity for each beer that is purchased.


We are willing to award points for creativity here. It sure beats the heck out of setting up a rally at Gillette Stadium or using GoFundMe for ALL the wrong reasons.

Well played, Eagle Brook Saloon.

Brady’s appeal of the four-game suspension levied against him by the NFL for his alleged role in Deflategate is slated to be heard June 23rd.

Until then, drink up!

H/t CBS Sports

Photo: Facebook