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Former Texans punter shades Bill O’Brien

Steve Mitchell, USA Today Sports

Houston Texans coach Bill O’Brien is very much on the hot seat. The team’s former punter, Shane Lechler, is probably not terribly surprised.

Lechler spoke about O’Brien on the Pat McAfee Podcast. Specifically, he talked about the frustration that came with listening to O’Brien talk to a struggling team.

“Driving in every morning and I’m like s**t, ‘What is he going to say today?'” he said on the podcast. “I’m tired of hearing we are so close. No we are not, we are 2-10.”

Lechler would definitely be an authority on what’s normal when talking to a bad team late in the year. From 2003-2012, his Oakland Raiders teams were never better than 8-8, and reached that only once. Lechler was also a part of the 2-14 Texans in 2013.

That wasn’t the only thing that annoyed him about O’Brien. Lechler also didn’t like the kicking schedule in camp.

But it wasn’t all bad news for Houston and its fans.

While Lechler isn’t terribly fond of O’Brien, he does like Deshaun Watson. He and Watson were only briefly teammates with the Texans. But that was enough for Lechler to become a fan.

That’s certainly something positive for Houston, especially after an 0-2 start.