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Former NFL QB Jared Lorenzen passes away at 38

Vincent Frank
Courtesy of USA Today

Former Kentucky standout and NFL quarterback Jared Lorenzen has been in the hospital over the past several days battling for his life.

Lorenzen was admitted to the hospital Friday evening with cardiac and renal issues while also being on Dialysis.

Sadly, Lorenzen’s family announced on Wednesday that he has passed away at the young age of 38.

This tragic news comes after it seemed Lorenzen was making progress in an attempt to recover from the life-threatening illnesses.

“Jared’s overnight was uneventful and that is a good thing,” Lorenzen’s family said in a statement Tuesday, via the NY Post. “He remains on Dialysis. He continues to maintain his ground. His cardiac and renal issues remain however his treatment has been effective. Jared is still very sick… but developing some traction and remains a fighter. The entire family thanks you for your support and prayers.”

A four-year starter with Kentucky, Lorenzen ultimately went undrafted heading into the NFL. He played parts of four seasons with the Giants, earning a Lombardi Trophy in the process.

The young man was seen as somewhat of a cult hero during his professional football days. This news is obviously going to hit the NFL community and the broader football world hard.

Our thoughts go out to Lorenzen’s family, his mother included.