Former NFL player suggests Mel Kiper takes bribes for draft grades

Kiper vs McShay. Every day. For 12 weeks. Photo: Notredamegoirish.blogspot.com

ESPN’s Mel Kiper is among the key figures that led to the ridiculous increase in popularity we’ve seen in the NFL Draft over the past several decades.

But with the increase in armchair draftniks we’ve seen on social media recently, Kiper himself has been thrown to the wolves more often than not. Maybe he’s the old guard at a time when a new generation of “experts” are taking over the industry. For whatever reason, Kiper’s name seemingy isn’t as big as it used to be.

According to former NFL player Lawrence Jackson, that could be due to the fact that Kiper allegedly takes bribes for his draft grades.

Conspiracy theory alert.

That’s a damning accusation to make against one of the best-known names in the NFL Draft industry. It likely won’t go unnoticed by ESPN or those close to Kiper, either. It’s the first time this theory has been thrown out there. And Jackson better have some evidence to back it up.

A first-round pick of the Seattle Seahawks back in 2008, Jackson played five seasons in the NFL. He started 24 games and recorded just 19.5 sacks during that span. Needless to say, Jackson didn’t live up to the expectations of being a first-round pick.

Back in 2008, Kiper did not have Jackson as one of his top-25 prospects. So if Jackson’s allegations are somehow true, it appears he indeed did not pay off the draft guru.

In any event, it will be interesting to see if any other former/current NFL players come out to back up Jackson’s claims. At this point, it seems to be a bit absurd on the surface.