Former NBA GM Rob Babcock passes away

Former Toronto Raptors general manager and longtime Minnesota Timberwolves front office member Rob Babcock passed away Wednesday after a brief battle with pancreatic cancer.

Babcock announced back in November that he had been diagnosed with the deadly cancer. Though, at that time it had not spread to other parts of his body.

He also blogged about his experience dealing with the disease.

“As I sit in chemo waiting rooms, I see many people that are always there alone. I see people that take a taxi to get to their treatments, because they have no one to drive them, Babcock noted once the then 66-year-old man was doing treatment. “I see people from all walks of life. The worst thing I see is young people in cancer treatment. If someone has to get cancer, it should be old guys like me.”

Those around the NBA world were quick to pay tribute to the widely-respected man.

Babcock worked with the Wolves for 12 seasons, eventually making his way up to VP of Basketball Operations. He then served as the Raptors’ general manager for less than two seasons. His career started in 1987 as a scout for the Denver Nuggets.

Babcock is survived by his two sons, Chris and Nate, as well as his wife, Tonya.