Former Dolphins WR on Deflategate: “You Don’t Know How Many Other Times it Happened”

By Vincent Frank

Former Miami Dolphins wide receiver Mark Clayton did not pull any punches when talking about the entire New England Patriots Deflategate scandal.

Talking in depth about the situation, Clayton had this to say (via South Florida Sun Sentinel).

“They (the Patriots) would never do things against the rules,” the former NFL wide receiver said. “They would never film anybody’s practices and they would really even try to read other people’s lips that’s trying to signal in their plays. They wouldn’t do that.”

No sarcasm there.

Clayton is talking about Spygate, which was yet another cheating scandal that involved the New England Patriots back in 2007. The team was stripped of a first-round pick the following season. Bill Belichick also received a $500,000 fine for his involvement in the taping of Jets coaches during a game that year.

Continuing to throw shade the Patriots way, Clayton continued:

“I just think somebody did something that wasn’t supposed to do something. And I’m not sure if anybody who they’re blaming now (Brady) touched an air needle or put it in the ball, but I’m sure they had their ways of instructing people to do the things that needed to be done because that’s how they like their balls.”

This whole situation makes us wonder whether the Patriots have deflated balls prior to games in the past. What Clayton didn’t bring up is the possibility that other teams have done the same. Was this some sort of underhanded invention by the Patriots locker room staff, and potentially Brady? That seems a bit far-fetched.

Let’s also call a spade a spade. Clayton played with the Dolphins from 1983-1992, where he went up against the division-rival Patriots multiple times. He’s not exactly the most unbiased observer here.

Photo: Palm Beach Post