Former Astros’ catcher apologizes for role in sign-stealing methods

By Matt Johnson
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

While many of the Houston Astros’ current players continue to stay quiet on the team’s sign-stealing methods, a former teammate has now apologized for his involvement in the methods.

Los Angeles Angels catcher Max Stassi, who played with the Astros from 2013-’19, publicly apologized for taking part in the methods and not doing anything to stop it.

“As a younger guy, I was called up in August 2017 and I saw what was going on. When you’re a lower man on the totem pole, you just show up and you go out there and play,” Stassi said, via Fabian Ardaya. “I apologize to all those around the game, the people who were affected by it, the fans, coaches. Especially the kids who look up to us. We’re supposed to set an example and do the right thing. We didn’t do that.”

Stassi entered the 2017 season with just 55 career at-bats in the majors. The Astros brought him up on Aug. 14 and he stayed with the team through its run to becoming World Series champions.

As Stassi points out, a backup catcher would have little to no voice in the clubhouse. Even more so with Carlos Beltran, a baseball legend with 20 seasons in the majors, helping create and enforce the sign-stealing methods.

Astros’ players were clearly aware of what was going on and chose not to do anything. A system was in place that they felt powerless to stop, but their inaction helped lead to a scandal that has rocked MLB and impacted the postseason and altered careers.

Let’s just hope the Astros’ current players eventually show the same contrition for their lack of inaction.