Former Arkansas RB suing insurance company for $1 million

Rawleigh Williams played for the Arkansas Razorbacks in 2015 and 2016, dominating to the tune of 1,580 total yards in his final season before an injury forced the running back from the field.

Williams suffered a herniated disc in his neck during the 2015 season. Eventually, it ended his playing career. And in March of 2017, he decided to take out a $1 million insurance policy.

However, said policy allegedly was not paid out. According to documents obtained by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Williams is now suing said insurance company in an attempt to collect the cash.

“Williams, 21, is suing the parties for breach of contract, claiming they have not paid on a $1 million disability insurance policy taken out in March 2017. The lawsuit, a copy of which was obtained by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, also claims bad faith, deceit and civil conspiracy on the defendants’ part,” the report reads.

Williams was forced to retire mere months after taking out said insurance policy.

If this seems like a random way to collect cash, it isn’t. We’ve seen a multitude of high-end NFL Draft prospects take out insurance policies in case they’re injured before entering the NFL. Williams was at one point destined to be a high-round pick. Unfortunately, his neck injury ended that possibility. He’s seemingly entitled to this money.