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Five teams that have the cash to lure Brady AND Gronk in 2020

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Brady is a free agent, and the New England Patriots want him to test the market. Could he and Rob Gronkowski team up once again in 2020?

The Patriots still own his rights, but money talks, and after what he’s done for the organization it’s not hard to imagine Gronkowski could get the Pats to work something out. Looking at the money available to spend in free agency around the NFL this year, if Gronk has the itch to play, there are some teams with an abundance of cap space that could lure him back.

Here’s a look at five teams that have the need, and the money (cap figures via overthecap.com), to potentially pull off a Brady/Gronk coup in free agency.

Miami Dolphins ($89.4 million)

No team in the NFL has as much money to spend in 2020 as the Dolphins, who also have the fifth overall pick of the 2020 NFL Draft. Many assume that Miami will use that pick to land the quarterback of the future. Even if that happens, one wonders if the Dolphins might try to land Tom Brady for a couple of seasons, and whether the idea of going against Bill Belichick would appeal to Brady.

When it comes to Gronk, Miami is a location he knows well, and the city’s energy matches his own. From an on-field perspective, the Dolphins could feature quite a potent offense in 2020 with the tight end, especially given DeVante Parker is finally playing up to his potential.

But let’s be honest, Brady and Gronk aren’t playing for the Fins in 2020. So let’s move on.

Indianapolis Colts ($86.2 million)

Sure, the Colts signed Jacoby Brissett to an extension last year, but he’s not all that expensive, and his salary is already on Indy’s books. A guy who had a chance to seize the job for good last year, Brissett instead struggled with consistency, and with staying on the field.

In every way, Brady would be an upgrade for the Colts in 2020. Period. End of story.

The Colts have a decision to make at tight end. Eric Ebron has been very good. But he’s a free agent. And Gronkowski is better. So, if he’s interested in unretiring to play with Brady on a championship contender, the Colts are a fantastic option.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($79.9 million)

It’s not hard to imagine Brady and Gronk having a ton of fun playing for Bruce Arians in Tampa Bay. The Bucs have an absolutely loaded offense when it comes to receivers, with Chris Godwin and Mike Evans being two elite options.

The Bucs do have a couple of talented tight ends. But OJ Howard has not developed like they thought he would, and Cameron Brate appears to have plateaued (not to mention, the Bucs don’t owe him any more guaranteed cash). Gronkowski would represent a big upgrade over both tight ends. With him, the Bucs could provide Brady with one of the most dangerous offenses in the NFL.

Dallas Cowboys ($77.2 million)

It’s crazy. I know. The Cowboys are so close to inking Dak Prescott to a long-term deal that’ll shatter the market.

But that deal has been “supposed to get done” for about a year. And there have been more than a few whispers that the Cowboys could be considering, or should consider, bringing in Brady.

Assuming Amari Cooper is re-signed, combined with the impressive Michael Gallup, and adding Gronkowski to the mix, the Cowboys would become instant championship contenders.

Las Vegas Raiders ($51.8 million)

I have five words for you: Rob. Gronkowski. In. Las. Vegas.

How amazing and insane would that be? This guy oozes charisma and loves to live it up in the spotlight. He’s also still one of the best touchdown makers around. Pairing Gronkowski with Brady in Las Vegas to work with Jon Gruden would be one of the most incredible stories to follow in all of sports in 2020.

For the sake of drama, it would be hard to top that scene. And consider the stories that would be written if Brady were to usher in the Raiders’ new era with a championship to cap off his career. Just a storybook type of scenario in so many ways.

And it’s just bonkers to consider it may very well happen considering the reports of Gruden’s interest in Brady. Stay tuned.