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Fantasy Football Costs Employers Over $13 Billion During the Season

A study was performed by Challenger, Gray and Christmas, a consultancy firm out of Chicago who estimated that employers are losing over $13 billion each year because of fantasy football.

While the company acknowledges the silliness of attempting to evaluate what level of work output is lost due to time spent on fantasy football, they did the study anyway.

The company’s CEO, John A. Challenger, had this to say about the study (via Fox Sports).

One cannot entirely dismiss widespread phenomenon such as fantasy football or deny that it has some impact on workplace productivity. It may be immeasurable in terms of real dollars and cents, but undoubtedly there are managers, supervisors and IT professionals who will attest to a slowdown in output from certain workers around this time of year.


By the firm’s estimation, nearly 18.3 million working people participate in fantasy sports. They indicate that team owners spend about two hours a day researching and working on their team(s) instead of their real job. The company used an average hourly wage of $24.45, which equates to $447.4 million per week, which totals $13.4 billion during a 15-week fantasy football season.

This is a loose figure, but you can probably even add to it by figuring many people conduct mock drafts or perhaps even real drafts while on the clock. And let’s not even get started with how many people have called in sick to go watch a football game while tabulating fantasy scores live.

The obvious question I come up with after writing this piece is: how much money did it take for the consulting firm to come to their conclusions?

Let’s jump on the clock and begin drafting.