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Fans can’t stop talking about Klay Thompson’s incoherent interview

Jesse Reed

Golden State Warriors star forward Klay Thompson gave a halftime interview Friday night that was so remarkable people could not stop talking about it.

Here’s a video clip of Thompson trying, desperately, to make a coherent statement. And failing. Failing miserably.

For those who may feel inclined to clean out your ears, hoping perhaps you misheard what Thompson was saying, here’s a full transcription of Thompson’s words.

Oh, D-D-Dear!

For what it’s worth, whatever was affecting Thompson’s ability to, you know, talk, it had no bearing on his ability to slay an opponent from the perimeter. Klay scored 27 points, including the game-winner against the Sacramento Kings.

Still, his halftime interview had fans and analysts scratching their heads and/or rolling around on the floor in tears. Here are some of the best reactions we saw.