Non-Lions NFL fan trolls Twitter with Matt Patricia burner account

Lions coach Matt Patricia speaks during a news conference in Allen Park on Monday, Dec. 31, 2018. 123118 Lions Presser Rg 10

Matt Patricia was recently fired as Detroit Lions head coach, and an NFL fan with no interest in him or the franchise whatsoever created a burner Twitter account that set social media ablaze once Patricia was let go.

The best part about this epic troll job? Said @EddyPLionsFan burner account creator is a 20-year-old Los Angeles Rams fan who recently outed himself online as the mastermind.

Matt Patricia burner account was fake news

Thanks to some underrated investigative reporting by Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, we now know it was Dylan Cardwell just toying with us, advocating for Matt Patricia as a coach and praising him at various times throughout his relatively short yet still too long and undeserved tenure.

“It really got a lot bigger than I had anticipated,” Cardwell said, per the report. “It went from, in just a little over a day, it went from one follower to now we’re at like 2,500, I think. So definitely unexpected.”

Here’s the reveal from Cardwell when he felt like things were getting out of hand, and according to Birkett, received a death threat among other nasty messages:

A salute to this young man for taking the inevitable Twitter hate that accompanies anything or anyone remotely in the public eye. This is absolutely glorious.

Cardwell has cleared out most of the prior tweets. He actually regretted leaving too many obvious hints that got people on to his case to conclude it wasn’t in fact Patricia, one of his former assistants or another loyal friend coming to the coach’s defense on social media.

Be honest, though: It’s not too far-fetched to think Patricia would have a burner account, is it? The man who wears a pencil in his ear despite the absence of possible practical use on his laminated play sheet seems like someone projecting faux confidence. Like he doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

Patricia also wore a backwards hat for a while. As an NFL head coach. Cool look, bro. Try winning some games first before you pull that move.

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Matt Patricia: An awkward, empowered, disastrous Lions coaching hire

Matt Patricia
Aug 29, 2019; Cleveland, OH, USA; Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia watches from the sidelines during the first half against the Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Dubious fashion statements, media spats and mostly just downright awful football dominated the narratives surrounding Matt Patricia’s two-plus seasons in charge of the Lions. Within all that, Patricia was alienating star players, calling out media members for sitting posture and abjectly failing to execute his defensive system — despite bringing multiple former New England players over from his time as a Patriots assistant.

Yes, this man-child got legitimately angry at a reporter for not being respectful, and could deduce this by judging the quality of one’s posture. That level of pettiness on its own lends credence to a Patricia-created Twitter burner account. Again, that standoffish Bill Belichickian demeanor with the press only works if you win. It wasn’t even cold and quiet, though — Patricia went full-on combative.

What a shocker, too: approximately no one bought in to Patricia’s Patriot Way of the Midwest. It led to his belated but proper firing after the Lions got embarrassed in a 41-25 Thanksgiving Day loss to the Houston Texans. Patricia and his constipated-looking grimace (see: both images in this article) finished with a 13-29-1 record.

He may have famously majored in rocket science as a college student, but Patricia has proven to be a buffoon when it comes to coaching a football team and leading a group of men without Belichick by his side.

Jim Caldwell was Patricia’s predecessor in Detroit, and posted a 36-28 record. Caldwell had winning seasons in three of four years with two playoff appearances. Quarterback Matthew Stafford played some of his best football under Caldwell. Conversely, Patricia’s celebrated defensive genius went awry. The 2020 Lions are fourth-worst in total yards allowed per game and yield 29.8 points per contest, better than only the maligned Dallas Cowboys.

Good riddance, Matt Patricia. Thank you for wasting most of Stafford’s remaining prime, putting long-suffering Lions fans through greater torture and setting the organization back multiple years by refusing to play to your players’ strengths, and instead stubbornly letting your ego get in the way as you tried to become Belichick Lite.

You had one defender on Twitter, Mr. Patricia. He turned out to be fake news.