Report: Fan who pushed Kyle Lowry in Game 3 is part Warriors owner

Kyle Lowry
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

During Game 3 of the NBA Finals at Oracle Arena Wednesday night, Kyle Lowry went into the stands as he attempted to stop a ball from going out of bounds. After crashing into the crowd, the Toronto Raptors star was shoved by a fan sitting in the front row.

After the game, Lowry opened up about the incident.

After the incident took place in Game 3, the fan who shoved Kyle Lowry was ejected and escorted off the court by security.

The biggest problem with all this is that the man who shoved Lowry wasn’t just any old fan. Instead, the man has been identified as Mark Stevens, who is a part owner of the Warriors franchise, Axios reported after the incident. Stevens purchased a stake in the team back in 2013.

This bad look just got a heck of a lot worse. Thankfully, Stevens will not be in attendance for any remaining NBA Finals games this year.