Falcons WR Mohamed Sanu: Long halftime partially to blame for Super Bowl meltdown

Atlanta Falcons’ wide receiver Mohamed Sanu has a new scapegoat for his team’s second-half Super Bowl collapse: Lady Gaga.

“Usually, halftime is only like 15 minutes. And when you’re not on the field for like an hour, it’s just like going to work out, like a great workout, and you go sit on the couch for an hour and then try to start working out again,” Sanu said Friday, via NFL.com.

This makes sense– Sanu isn’t the first player to note the difference in halftime length from the regular season to the Super Bowl makes a difference– only, the players should have prepared for it. When asked to address whether or not that was possible, Sanu said “I don’t know if you could simulate something like that. That was my first time experiencing something like that and it was very different.”

Maybe you can’t simulate it exactly– it’s tough to replicate the feel of a Super Bowl– but taking a 30-minute break in the middle of practice during Super Bowl week could help. Interestingly enough, the New England Patriots did just that back in 2012.

Ironically, New England lost Super Bowl XLIV, but one has to imagine that its players were prepared for the long break this time around, evidently more so than the Falcons.