Falcons punished for violating off-season practice rules

By Vincent Frank

The Atlanta Falcons are in trouble with the NFL again. No, this time it’s not due to the fact that the team is pumping artificial noise into the Georgia Dome.

Instead, Atlanta was docked three days of organization team activities (OTAs) next offseason for violating the league’s rules on player contact during practices this past offseason.

“We take player safety very seriously and work hard to ensure that we are in compliance with league rules,” the Falcons said in a statement, via Pro Football Talk. “Although we are disappointed in the penalty, we respect the league’s decision and will make the necessary adjustments moving forward”

In reality, the NFL didn’t exactly throw the book at Atlanta here. Instead, it pretty much acts like a warning. Sure three days of missed OTAs could hurt the team, but it’s not like the Falcons were docked draft picks or anything.

Until the NFL increases the penalty for these violations, we’re likely to see teams violate the rules on a consistent basis.