WATCH: Falcons land key turnover on fortuitous bounce


The Philadelphia Eagles have gotten lucky a couple of times already this Saturday in their Divisional Playoff Game against the Atlanta Falcons. They’ve fumbled the ball a few times, but had lost just one. Then in the second quarter their luck ran out when they gifted a turnover to the Falcons on special teams.

After the offense failed to move the ball, the Eagles punted. The wind has been a huge factor already (like this) and was again this time around. The ball ended up bouncing right into the foot of an Eagles special teams player, into another one before the Falcons recovered the fumble on the fortuitous bounce.

Down 6-3 at this point, the Falcons recovered the ball in the red zone and ended up capitalizing with a touchdown when Matt Ryan found Devonta Freeman open in the end zone. This score gave the Falcons a 10-6 lead in what figures to be a very tight game.