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EXCLUSIVE: Boxing expert says Jake Paul is the real deal and will win on Aug. 6

Jason Burgos

Jake Paul has almost as many detractors as he does supporters. However, as he nears his return to the ring next month there are many within the boxing community starting to take him seriously as a professional fighter.

Paul returns to action on Aug. 6 in a headlining fight against Hasim Rahman, Jr. inside “the world’s most famous arena,” Madison Square Garden. Rahman, Jr. — the son of the former heavyweight champion of the same name — is a late replacement and is considered by many to be the 25-year-old’s most difficult opponent yet.

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Rahman, Jr. has more than twice as many pro bouts as the pugilistic neophyte Paul, has a world-class pedigree, and will be Paul’s first foe that he doesn’t have a size advantage over. On paper, there is reason to believe “Problem Child” will be 5-1 on Aug. 3.

Nestor Gibbs on Jake Paul vs Hasim Rahman, Jr.: ‘I’m pretty sure Jake is gonna win’

jake paul
Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

However, during an exclusive chat with “Tha Boxing Voice” founder Nestor Gibbs, the boxing expert revealed that he believes Paul will be victorious against Rahman, Jr. in August. The reason is that he believes the Ohio native actually is pretty good, and many fans still haven’t wisened up to that fact.

“I’m pretty sure Jake is gonna win. Jake is probably the real deal,” Gibbs told Sportsnaut. “It’ll take some time for people to realize that because he’s the first of his kind. You have to be an Olympian gold medalist, signed to a big promoter in order to get A-side status from your infancy in your career as a boxer. Jake has been able to do that.

“All four of his fights have been on pay-per-view. He made $45 million in boxing last year, where there’s not even five percent of boxers making that. Jake has taken it extremely series. We have interviewed dozens of fighters that have sparred with him, and I’m hearing intimate stories, live on air or behind the scenes, where he’s working like a true athlete. The people that he’s sparring, they’re former world champions or good decent fighters.”

While Gibbs admits a win may not quiet all the doubters, he thinks beating a fighter with a strong lineage in the sport is sure to change the opinions of many casual fight fans.

“I don’t think that he’ll convince everyone with this win over Rahman but the casual fan will begin to believe in him because Hasim Rahman Jr.’s father was a world champion. He’s pretty synonymous when it comes to boxing, so he beat the son of a legend.”

Paul vs Rahman, Jr. goes down on Aug. 6, with the card kicking off at 9 PM ET and airing exclusively on Showtime PPV.