Ex-NFL star: Draft ‘the most boring thing’ imaginable to put on TV

2017 NFL Draft
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Based on the television ratings, many fans would disagree. But former NFL star Jared Allen thinks the NFL Draft on television is the pinnacle of boredom.

Speaking about the upcoming draft with Mark Craig of the Star Tribune, Allen made it clear he is not a fan.

“I think the draft is probably the most boring thing to put on TV imaginable,” Allen said. “I guess I’ve never been a big fan of sitting there and getting all crazy and ecstatic about a guy who hasn’t done a single thing in the NFL yet.”

A former fourth-round pick out of Idaho State, Allen transformed himself into one of the most feared NFL pass rushers during his time as a pro. He earned five Pro Bowl bids, was a four-time First-team All Pro and led the NFL in sacks twice.

So, given where he came from it’s not surprising that Allen isn’t a huge fan of the hype that surround the draft. So many players who get selected early end up as busts, after all, while many of the league’s stars come from humble beginnings without fanfare.

That being said, there’s a really good reason the NFL televises the draft — even amid a pandemic. People flock to their televisions to watch the draft unfold. After last year’s draft concluded, the NFL shared that ratings set a new record. And this time around, even though it’s all going to be done remotely due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, it may shatter that record as fans get their fix.