Estimated legal cost for Deflategate around $23 million

By Jesse Reed

Truly just and worthy causes deserve limitless support. Unfortunately, fighting Tom Brady over the Deflategate fiasco doesn’t fall under that umbrella.

In fact, one could argue the NFL did nothing but engageĀ in a ridiculously expensive pissing contest with Brady and the NFLPA — a pissing contest that ultimately cost the league roughly $23 million.

Science could not prove Brady intentionally or unintentionally had his balls deflated.

Neither could the NFL, for that matter.

But the fight had nothing to do with whether or not Brady actually had a hand in deflating his footballs for personal gain. It had everything to do with the NFL making sure that it controls player discipline — just or not.

So, while you enjoy the spectacle that is NFL football, just remember that the league has no qualms about benching one of its most senior and successful players over a pissing contest that cost more than most people will ever see in their lifetimes.

On that note, we cannot wait to see what kind of holy fire Brady unleashes on the hapless Cleveland Browns in his first game back after serving his ridiculous four-game suspension.