Emmanuel Sanders

Terrell Owens. Jerry Rice. Randy Moss. Cris Carter. Not only were these guys some of the best wide receivers in NFL history, they were also known as divas both on and off the field. Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas of the Broncos are starting to attract that label, and you know what?

They like it. They are ok with it. They don’t see it as a negative like Owens and Moss used to view the label.

In an interview with ESPN’s Jeff Legwold, Sanders was quoted saying the following:

“Hey, one thing, I don’t mind being a diva,” Sanders said with a laugh. “I am a diva. I am a diva. I like winning ballgames, I like catching passes. Every wide receiver in the world likes to catch passes; every wide receiver in the world likes to put up points. After that game when the defense scored two touchdowns and you’re looking and [cornerback Aqib] Talib has more touchdowns [than the wide receivers] and the defense is holding us down, we’re looking at ourselves and saying offensively that we have to step it up.”

And who can blame him? The Broncos have a solid group of talent along the offensive line that can protect efficiently for any quarterback. They have a talented quarterback in Trevor Simien who can get them the ball consistently within their catching radius. He just needs to get the ball to his receivers on a more regular basis.

Sanders was being a bit of a diva when he wanted the ball more. But all good receivers want the ball more. Thomas is on the same track, but they should see improved production as long as Simien continues to improve his play on the field.