Eli Manning Snubbed His Cameo on “Entourage,” Tom Brady Filled in

By Rachel Wold

The movie “Entourage” will feature many athlete cameos in the spin-off of the HBO series. Since the movie’s debut is coming June 3, series creator Doug Ellin was interviewed about the project. During that interview, he answered questions about New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, who was slated to have a cameo in the movie.

Ellin claimed that Manning originally wanted to be in the movie. However, when he attempted to make contact with Manning about the quarterback’s part, Manning’s people indicated that he wanted to focus on his football career.

This is how New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady received his cameo role. Regarding Manning, Ellin claimed during the interview that he really loves the Giants and would be stoked if Russell Wilson played for them instead.

Apparently, he still harbors some ill feelings regarding the snub.

Photo: USA Today Sports