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Eli Manning: Patriots dynasty can continue without Tom Brady

Vincent Frank
Patriots Dynasty
Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

Former New York Giants star Eli Manning is only one of two quarterbacks to hand Tom Brady a loss in his nine Super Bowl appearances.

These two have acted as major catalysts for what are changing times around the NFL. Manning announced his retirement from the league after 16 seasons. Meanwhile, Brady shockingly ended his two-decade run with the New England Patriots to sign in Tampa Bay.

In talking about his bitter longtime rival and the team he defeated twice in the Super Bowl, Manning had an interesting take. Manning had a long Q&A session with Steve Serby of the NY Post recently. He was asked if Brady’s departure from the Patriots means the end of a dynasty for Bill Belichick and Co.

“No, I don’t necessarily think that. I think they still have a very good team, a great defense, great coaches. Obviously Tom was a very important part on their success over the years, but I think they have kind of a way and they have a system that Belichick has implemented there that I think will continue to find ways to have success, but it will be different,” Manning said. “If they go out and get a new quarterback, or stay with the guys they have, it might not be as it’s been in the past.”

That certainly is one way to look at it. Was Brady a product of Belichick and the number of top-end offensive coordinators New England boasted in his time with the team? It is a question that should be answered here soon in Tampa.

As it relates to the Pats, it’s my personal view that they will struggle to remain relevant in the AFC championship conversation. In addition to seeing Brady depart New England, this team lost multiple core starters on both sides of the ball.

As of right now, New England is rostering three quarterbacks in that of second-year player Jarrett Stidham, veteran journeyman Cody Kessler and recently-signed career backup Brian Hoyer. It took a $14 million dead cap hit when Brady signed with Tampa and is currently just $1.97 million under the cap.

The Pats could potentially look at former NFL MVP Cam Newton, who was just released by the Carolina Panthers. However, finances will play a role here.

We’ll find out whether Manning is correct in assuming that Belichick and Co. can keep this two-decade long run going without Mr. Brady.