Eli Harold calls out 49ers: ‘We can’t be a laughingstock’

Having lost each of their last seven games, the San Francisco 49ers sit at 1-7. By any objective standard, they’re one the NFL’s worst teams. One player — linebacker Eli Harold lamented that fact on Sunday.

Following Sunday’s 41-23 loss to the New Orleans Saints, Harold expressed frustration that the team has become one that opponents circle on the schedule.

Frustration is natural. San Francisco actually played one of its better games of the season against the Saints but had no realistic chance to win the game in the fourth quarter. No player wants to be a part of that.

What’s interesting about these comments is that they’re almost the direct opposite of what Harold’s teammate, Aaron Lynch has said. Lynch has stated that he thinks the 49ers are one of the NFL’s best teams (read more about that here).

We’re definitely with Harold when it comes to the two sides of this particular argument.