Earl Thomas: ‘Let’s not get confused, I want to be a Seahawk’

Now that the Seattle Seahawks have moved on from multiple members of a once dominant defense, rumors are heating up that the team is in discussions to trade embattled All-Pro safety Earl Thomas.

The story is by now well known. Thomas wants to be extended beyond the 2018 season. He also made news late last season by indicating he’d like to play for his hometown Dallas Cowboys.

For the first time, Thomas is speaking up about his status in Seattle. And he’s not holding back. Here’s what the elite safety said on Twitter Saturday morning.

The first part of this statement is the most interesting.

“Hold on everyone. Let’s not get confused I want to be a Seahawk. I want my jersey retired in the ring of honor with the other greats that came before more.”

In no way does this mean Thomas is happy with a base salary that will pay him $8.5 million next season. It also doesn’t mean that Seattle isn’t still looking to trade one of the game’s best defensive backs. But at the very least, he did clarify his stance a bit more.