Eagles rookie mocks his long journey to Super Bowl champion

The Philadelphia Eagles are making their way back to their local territory to prepare for Thursday’s Super Bowl parade.

While most players returned via airplane, undrafted rookie wide receiver Mack Hollins would have us to believe he arrived in Philly by way of a bike.

Okay. So not really. But, Hollins’ video post is symbolic of the long journey the Eagles endured when football kicked off back in Week 1 of 2017. Not many thought back in September the Eagles would be this year’s Super Bowl winners. An undrafted free agent from North Carolina, Hollins’ journey has even been longer.

Hollins played limited snaps all season in 2017, tallying 226 yards on 16 catches.

While he likely hopes to receive more action in 2018, Hollins proved that he has very capable hand and mind speed. Just watch him solve the Rubik’s Cube in less than five minutes.

We will next see Hollins when he and his team parade through the streets of Philadelphia to celebrate their Super Bowl LII victory.