Dwyane Wade wants to star in ‘love’ movie with Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union isn’t simply an actress and a model. The better half of the pairing with Dwyane Wade is also a savant when it comes to Nebraska Cornhuskers football.

Maybe as a we to show that his better half isn’t the only one in the relationship with multidimensional talents, Wade is out here attempting to star in a “love” movie with Union.

No, not that type of love movie — a romantic flick.

“I’m trying to get (a movie), she won’t put me on,” Wade told TMZ Sports. “I’m trying to do a love movie. Like something romantic.”

Honestly, we had Wade pegged more for a buddy flick with none other than LeBron James. Given that he was traded from James’ Cleveland Cavaliers squad to the Miami Heat back in February, Wade may no longer be feeling that.

Though, we would certainly pay some cash to see Wade and Union star in a romantic comedy. Give us some NBA cameos and call it Banana Boat.