Dwight Howard Heads to Comic-Con in Predator Costume

By Vincent Frank

Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard—never afraid to get his nerd on—is doing just that at the annual Comic-Con convention in San Diego this weekend.

By getting his nerd on, we mean that Howard actually showed up to the annual show of weirdness in full Predator attire:

Comic con. Love life you only live once.@fandango @movieclips

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So much awesome involved here. Howard, who is known for dressing up in some odd attire off the court, even posted a video to his Instagram account:

💪🏾 got this from Thor.

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Yes, that was Howard picking up the “Hammer of Thor.”

Here’s another:


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Sports fans of previous generations were able to watch their favorite stars act in some of the dumbest movies of all-time. Remember Jim Brown, Carl Weathers, Bubba Smith and Wilt Chamberlain? Can we please sign Howard up to do one of the many Marvel-based movies hitting the theaters over the next couple years?

Who wouldn’t pay for that? Only requirement would be James Harden and his beard showing up in a supporting role.

Photo: Instagram