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Drew Brees urges Saints fans to channel frustration into positive action

Jesse Reed
Drew Brees

There probably aren’t many people in the world who felt the NFC title game loss to the Los Angeles Rams as keenly as New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

If anyone has reason to let frustration boil over, it’s a 40-year-old quarterback who might have seen his last chance to win another title before he retires slip through his fingertips due to an egregious mistake by the refs.

Yet a week after suffering the heartbreak of that loss, Brees has issued a challenge to all his fans to rise above the negative feelings and pour all their energy into something positive, instead.

Brees posted the following message on Instagram Monday morning as the Rams prepare for Super Bowl week in Atlanta.


This message is just so perfect.

Fans are having a really hard time letting this go, and some never will. But those who really listen to Brees’ message here can do something special.