Drew Brees: I could play past 45 if I wanted

As Tom Brady continues to defy Father Time at the age of 41, Drew Brees, still certainly one of the league’s best quarterbacks, isn’t too far behind him at the age of 39.

So how much longer could Brees play? According to the man himself, who recently spoke with Rebecca Toback of SB Nation, if he wants to he could play past the age of 45.

“Well, I think I could play to 45-years-old or beyond if I really wanted to. Do I really want to? I don’t know. The thing that’s going to end up pulling me away would be wanting to spend more time with my family, my kids, and watch them grow up, coach them and be an even bigger part of their lives. Football takes a lot of my time, especially during the season, so that’s going to be what pulls me away. I’d like to leave the game on my terms, but I can’t really put a number on it right now. I’m going to enjoy it, and play every season like it’s my last and we’ll see how long we can go.”

This isn’t the first time that Brees has talked about playing into his mid-40s, either. He’s in tremendous health and has been remarkably resilient throughout his career since suffering a shoulder injury way back in 2005.

Brees also said that he just wants to win another championship before he retires when asked about any personal goals he wants to achieve. The Saints surely have the talent to make a strong run this year, too.

Whenever Brees does decide to retire, he’ll be a shoo-in first-ballot Hall of Famer. Already, he’s piled up 70,445 yards and 488 touchdowns, along with a Super Bowl ring, a Super Bowl MVP trophy, 11 Pro Bowls, two Offensive Player of the Year awards and was the 2004 Comeback Player of the Year.