Doug Marrone capitulates, won’t discipline Jalen Ramsey over sideline fight

Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Things are not getting any better for the Jacksonville Jaguars following their second consecutive loss to start the season.

We can question head coach Doug Marrone deciding to go for two with the game on the line Sunday against the Houston Texans. He’s struggled from an in-game coaching perspective.

But what we saw take place on the sideline during the game tells us a story of a coach that has lost his team. Marrone went at it with star Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey multiple times during the game.

Given the outward criticism Ramsey has received from the Jaguars’ organization for his perceived immaturity, some thought he’d be disciplined for the incident.

According to Marrone, that won’t be the case.

Jacksonville wants to run a tight ship with an old-school Tom Coughlin as team president. Yet, it is somehow letting players run all over the head coach on the sideline.

This isn’t something that will necessarily breed success for the Jaguars moving forward this season. It really is crazy how things have fallen apart at the seams for a team that’s two seasons removed from an AFC Championship Game appearance.

Marrone now has to be viewed as one of the main culprits.