Dolphins place the franchise tag on WR Jarvis Landry

By Vincent Frank

In what seems to be a pretty surprising move, the Miami Dolphins have officially placed the franchise tag on impending free agent wide receiver Jarvis Landry.

Most anticipated that Landry would leave Miami in free agency with negotiations between the two sides having not gone too far. That’s now highly unlikely to be the case.

By franchising Landry, the Dolphins are willing to guarantee him north of $16 million for the 2018 season should he sign the tender. That’s a whole lot of cash for a guy that averaged less than nine yards per reception last season. Though, Landry does hold the NFL record for the most receptions in his first four seasons with 400. That has to count for something.

By franchising Landry, Miami pretty much takes one of the most-coveted skill-position players off the free agent market. It did so on the first day teams could place said tag on players. It could be a sign of things to come around the NFL.