Wagering $3,400, bettor stands to make $102K if Dolphins go 0-16

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It’s only been one week, but the Miami Dolphins are clearly the NFL’s worst team and are currently in full tank mode with top players looking to abandon ship.

During the Dolphins’ first game of the season, they got ran out of their own building by Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens. By halftime, most of their fans had already left to enjoy the rest of their Sundays.

It’s grim, to be sure.

Hoping to turn this into a huge net positive, one bettor has dropped $3,400 on the Dolphins to go 0-16, per Darren Rovell of The Action Network. If the Dolphins do go winless, then this bettor will bring in $102,000.

As bad as Miami has looked so far, it’s not surprising that sports books are hedging against the Dolphins going 0-16.

It’s only happened twice since the NFL moved to a 16-game schedule, the last time being in 2017 with the Cleveland Browns.

Chances are, the Dolphins will eke out at least one win. Though, we’re not expecting that one win to take place in Week 2, for obvious reasons.