Doctor: Travis Frederick’s absence more likely to be long-term

By Vincent Frank
Courtesy of Fox Sports: A puzzling pick at the time, Frederick has been a beast in Dallas.

When Dallas Cowboys Pro Bowl center Travis Frederick announced on social media Wednesday that he’s suffering from Guillain Barre disorder, most of the football world took to Google as a way to figure out what the ailment was.

In his statement, the all-world offensive lineman noted that it’s a autoimmune disorder. But there wasn’t a ton of information to follow.

Now that the sports community has had time to research the illness, we’re starting to understand better exactly how long Frederick might be sidelined.

Dr. David J. Chao penned an article for The San Diego Union-Tribune Wednesday night attempting to explain better Frederick’s prognosis. While still up in the air, it gives us a greater understanding of what he’s dealing with.

“The recovery timeline varies from weeks to months and even years. There is no way to predict when Frederick will be back,” Chao noted. “Not that football is important right now. He will miss regular season action. The question is how much. He is more likely to miss the entire season than be back for Week One.”

Chao is right in noting that football isn’t the most important thing right now. Though, his analysis does seem to suggest that Frederick will be sidelined over the long-term.

He also noted that the best-case scenario is the center returning after a few weeks. This means that the four-time Pro Bowler will certainly miss Week 1 against the Carolina Panthers. From there, it’s all about his treatment.

Guillain Barre impacts less than 20,000 Americans on an annual basis. There’s currently no cure for it. Given it’s rare nature, the medical community doesn’t necessarily have a firm grasp on it.

For now, we wish Frederick the absolute best moving forward.