Diehard Broncos Fan Gets Team Logo Tattooed Inside His Lip

By Rachel Wold

Need a place on your body to get a tattoo? How about the inside of your lower lip? This gentleman took supporting his team to a whole new level by getting this Denver Broncos logo inked inside his lower lip.

Courtesy of @Matt2daGat on Twitter.

Courtesy of @Matt2daGat on Twitter.


The photo was posted to Reddit as well. Here’s one interesting take on why someone would endure the pain of having needles drill his/her mouth.

“Because it has been the most painful experience for him being a Broncos fan watching them lose 5 Super Bowls. So he got it in the most painful place he could think of. I am a Broncos fan too but ain’t gonna get any tattoos anywhere.”

Sadly, the poor guy may have to replace this tattoo soon. Another commentator claimed that tattoos done in the mouth wear off in approximately five years. Bummer.

Either way, this mouth masterpiece denotes true team loyalty.

Photo: USA Today Sports