Did Jon Gruden just blast Derek Carr and Amari Cooper?

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

One thing that has changed in the near two decades since Jon Gruden was last the Oakland Raiders’ head coach is his willingness to provide the media with fodder. Having been part of the Monday Night Football crew for the past several years, this stands to reason.

In no way does that mean Gruden has decided to cool it with eye-opening quotes. His take on Khalil Mack following the now-infamous trade with Chicago represents a recent example.

Now, following Oakland’s blowout 33-13 loss to the Los Angeles Rams in Week 1, Gruden seems to be back at it.

In talking about the lack of a connection between struggling quarterback Derek Carr and Amari Cooper, Chucky provided this beauty of a quote.

Easier said than done? One could look at this as Gruden’s way of paying a compliment to an elite-level Denver Broncos defense. Though, the cynic in us can also conclude that he’s tossing shade in the direction of both Carr and Cooper.

The two connected one time for nine yards Monday against the Rams. Carr looked in Cooper’s direction a grand total of three times. The quarterback tossed up three interceptions, including a game-clinching pick-six.

Carr and Cooper have struggled big time since the two broke out together back in 2016. Last season saw Cooper record just 680 yards while catching less than 49 percent of his targets.

This must change if the Raiders have any hope of contention moving forward during the 2018 season. Based on Gruden’s comments, he’s not too confident in that coming to fruition.