Dez Bryant won’t stop trolling Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett was just going about his business preparing for a conservative game plan he will implement against the Buffalo Bills on Thanksgiving.

That’s when the embattled head coach took even more heat from former Cowboys star receiver Dez Bryant.

One day after Bryant blasted Garrett’s coaching style, the free-agent pass catcher was at it again.

It came immediately after the Rams decided to run it on third-and-13 against the Baltimore Ravens on “Monday Night Football.”

Bryant figured the timing was never better to go after Garrett once again.

One four-word tweet, and it didn’t take a village to understand where Bryant was coming from here.

Needless to say, Garrett is very much on the hot seat with his Cowboys at 6-5 on the season and following an ugly loss to the New England Patriots.

We’re pretty sure Bryant wouldn’t be bent out of shape if his former head coach was shown the door.