Dez Bryant: Surgery went great, don’t listen to the craziness

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant broke his foot in the Sunday Night Football game against the New York Giants.

Talk about a lousy start to the his season.

Unfortunately, Bryant needed surgery and is expected to miss four-to-six weeks while he recovers. From the content of a Twitter message posted by Bryant, it appears as if the star wide receiver’s surgery went well. He also advised his fans not to “listen to the craziness.”

We’re not exactly sure what Bryant means when he refers to the craziness, however it could have something to do with the speculation that the Cowboys will now be doomed without Bryant on the team. Looking at the roster now—minus Bryant and their former lead rusher DeMarco Murray—it is easy to see how some folks might come up with this conclusion.

That may not be the case, however.

Granted, the Cowboys will now have to kick it into extra-high gear without Bryant. Fortunately, they have some other key players who stepped up and helped lead the team to a last-second win 27-26 in this past Sunday’s game.

As for Bryant’s recovery time, if he is ready in four weeks to return, it would have him back in Week 7. Coincidentally enough, the Cowboys travel to MetLife to face the Giants once again, and you know Bryant is itching for some revenge after being forced out in Week 1.