Dez Bryant gave his pet monkey away

Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant lived his dream of owning a pet monkey, but that dream is now over as the monkey has found a new home.

Giving no explanation as to why he gave his pet monkey away to a friend, who lives in the country, Bryant revealed he no longer owns the monkey himself. “But I get to see him,” Bryant said on KTCK-AM 1310 The Ticket, via SportsDay.

Bryant was harassed by the animal advocacy group PETA last year because he owned Dallas Bryant, his capuchin monkey, without the proper permit. He didn’t care about any of that then, dismissing their protests.

Speaking about how he cared for Dallas during the year in which he was a part of his crew, Bryant said “He was one of us, the monkey was one of us. He got pure-A1 treatment.”

One wonders if the decision to let Dallas live with a friend in the country has anything to do with the lawsuit Bryant is trying to settle with a Texas senator (more on that here).

Whatever the reason, it is probably for the best that Bryant doesn’t have a pet monkey to worry about. He and the Cowboys have their work cut out to shrug off a terrible, injury filled 2015 campaign and get back to winning games.