Dez Bryant, Cowboys receivers have ‘top secret’ TD celebration plans

Dez Bryant Dak Prescott

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant intends to take full advantageĀ of the new NFL rules regarding touchdown celebrations.

“Check me out,” Bryant said, via The Dallas Morning News. “When I get in that endzone Sunday, Sept. 10. We got some stuff planned.”

First of all, he is promising a touchdown in Game 1 when the Cowboys host the New York Giants in the season opener.

Secondly, Cowboys fans should be up for some entertainment. Ezekiel Elliott jumped into a red Salvation Army pot to celebrate a touchdown last December.

Now it looks like Bryant and his receivers have some cool stuff planned to compete with the other guys in the league. Everyone will be looking to take celebrations to a new level.

One who won’t be joining Bryant and Co. is tight end Jason Witten. He would just as soon leave the touchdown shenanigans to his younger teammates. That’s perfectly alright as long as somebody is catching touchdown passes from second-year starter Dak Prescott this fall.