More Details Reported in Ray McDonald Domestic Violence Case

The San Jose Police Department has wrapped up its investigation of San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle Ray McDonald stemming from an alleged domestic violence situation that happened back in August.

And now, the District Attorney’s Office has a decision to make on whether to charge McDonald in the incident that left his then fiancee with bruises on her body, including around the neck.

Here is a report by a local ABC News affiliate in the Bay Area that may shed some more light on the incident. 

A brief synopsis of what the report entailed.

* The San Jose Police Department conducted an investigation that lasted over a month before sending the case over to the DA’s office.

* The San Jose District Attorney’s Office now has a decision to make whether to charge McDonald.

* Sources told the ABC News affiliate that McDonald called off-duty San Jose Sgt. Sean Pritchard, who then made it over to the residence in question.

* Pritchard also works security at 49ers home games and is on the team’s payroll.

* Pritchard arrived at the residence at or before the time that the domestic violence call was made, which prompted authorities to arrive at McDonald’s residence and arrest him.

* There was another RP (reporting party), meaning 911 call, from McDonald’s residence prior to the one that sent authorities to McDonald’s house.

* Based on another report in September, authorities were called to McDonald’s house back in May, at which point it is suggested that a female subject (likely McDonald’s fiancee) had pulled a gun during a spat. Neither the male (presumably McDonald) or female subject were apprehended.

Outside of this painting a disturbing picture about their relationship, it does shed some light about what might have happened on the night in question. If nothing else, we likely have an understanding of who may very well be an important witness for the District Attorney’s Office as it decides whether to press charges. After all, Pritchard (as reported by the local ABC News affiliate) was likely told to fill out a police report himself. And the evidence here suggests that he was at the scene prior to on-duty authorities.

Which begs one more question: why was an off-duty police officer, who is on the 49ers payroll, at the scene of the incident before any other authorities?

Photo: USA Today