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Judge orders Deshaun Watson to reveal details of encounters with his accusers

Jason Burgos

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson has been ordered to reveal if he had sexual encounters during the massage therapy sessions that led to accusations of assault from 22 different women.

The former Houston Texans franchise QB has had a very busy last month, and it’s mostly been positive for him. He of course finally got traded from Houston and to a team that welcomed him with a massive five-year, $230 million contract extension. The money in the deal is also completely guaranteed, which is unheard of in today’s NFL contracts.

Watson also avoided criminal charges from two separate investigations into the various sexual assault allegations that have been levied against him. However, some of that good luck has run out, and now the 26-year-old has been ordered to reveal important details about his encounters with 18 of his 22 accusers.

Deshaun Watson ordered to reveal if he had sex with his accusers, and more

deshaun watson
Credit: USA Today Network

On Tuesday, USA Today reported that Harris County District Court Judge Rabeea Sultan Collier ruled in favor of lawyers for the plaintiffs, and Watson must now answer “request for admission” questions in the discovery portion of the pretrial process. One of those inquiries will require the player to reveal if he had sex with any of the 18 plaintiffs.

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This revelation is important from the plaintiff attorney’s perspective as it could demonstrate a possible pattern and motive for why Watson set up the massages. When Watson’s attorney asked for a reason behind the judge’s decision, they were denied with a simple “The objection is overruled,” by Collier.

Watson must also provide information about his massage history since 2019, including any language in his contract with the Texans about massages. The three-time Pro Bowler has yet to offer any information on his past dealings with his accusers.

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During his introductory press conference with the Cleveland Browns — which owners Dee and Jimmy Haslam did not attend — he stated:  “I’ve never assaulted or disrespected or harassed any woman in my life. I’ve never done these things people are alleging.”