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Deshaun Watson donates first game check to Texans’ cafeteria workers

Vincent Frank
Deshaun Watson
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

In a moment that will bring chills and tears to everyone who watches it, Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson took to the cafeteria at NRG Stadium to donate his first game check to the cafeteria workers.

The workers themselves were impacted a great deal by the devastating Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath. As you can see, one of the women coudn’t hold back the tears when thanking the rookie quarterback.

“Hopefully that’s good to get back on your feet,” Watson told the workers. “And anything else ya’ll need, I am always here to help.”

Talk about an amazing moment.

In a way, Watson is following in the lead of teammate J.J. Watt, who helped raise north of $36 million for hurricane relief efforts in the Houston area.

We most definitely applaud Watt and Watson for not sticking to football here. Good job, guys.