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Derek Dietrich is having a tremendous season for the Cincinnati Reds. Against Pittsburgh Pirates pitching, he’s been especially dangerous.

That continued on Tuesday. Dietrich stepped up to the plate in the seventh inning having already homered in both the fourth and fifth innings. This at-bat had a similar result.

In addition to being Dietrich’s third home run of the game, it was his 17th of the season. Seven of those have come against the Pirates.

As the Reds noted on Twitter, Dietrich is averaging one homer per every 7.3 at-bats and an even more staggering home run per every 3.5 at-bats against Pittsburgh. Dietrich’s post-HR antics famously resulted in a brawl between the two teams earlier in the season. Hopefully that doesn’t continue this time.

Maybe the Pirates should think about pitching around him going forward.

Michael Dixon
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