Derek Carr supports Lakers over hometown Warriors

Derek Carr

David Carr’s career with the Oakland Raiders has coincided with a run of fantastic success with the Golden State Warriors. But does Carr, a lifelong fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, cheer for his new hometown team?

In an interview on The Dan Patrick Show, Carr said that he “pulls for the Warriors.” But when the Golden State and Los Angeles play, his heart is not torn.

“Oh, I’m wearing a Laker jersey,” Carr said on the show. “Steph (Curry) wore a Panther jersey to the Carolina game when they came and played us. So, I would definitely wear my Lakers jersey if they were playing.”

Indeed, Curry is one of the Carolina Panthers more notable fans. He banged the drum for Carolina ahead of its Super Bowl 50 loss to the Denver Broncos. Also, while he did temporarily wear a Carr jersey as a way to settle a bet, Curry ultimately supported the Panthers when they visited Oakland during the 2016 season.

Indeed, turnabout is fair play.