Denzel Washington on meeting Tony Romo: “This is a dream for me”

The Dallas Cowboys are currently in Oxnard, California, for training camp, and Academy Award-winning actor Denzel Washington paid the team a visit.

According to Jon Machota of The Dallas Morning News, Washington is a major fan of the Cowboys and attended the practice session with his son, John David Washington, who stars in the HBO mini-series “Ballers.”

After talking to some of the Cowboys in the locker room, Washington shared part of his experience. He said:

“I’m just happy I get to meet Tony Romo and them guys. This is a dream for me. I got to live out my dream through my son. Days like today are just fun days for me.”

We can imagine that Washington was probably smiling ear-to-ear when he said:

“First of all, I’ve been a Cowboy fan my whole life. I’m talking about Duane Thomas. I’m talking about Walt Garrison, Calvin Hill, Tony Dorsett. So I’ve been a fan for a long time. Just to be out here is just fun for me.”

As for his outlook for Dallas for the upcoming season, Washington said he hopes to be on the sidelines when the Cowboys are in a playoff game. And, although Washington didn’t make it to a game last year, he joked with reporters about hooking him up with team owner Jerry Jones to get tickets.

“You talk to Jerry for me. Nobody will know I’m here to beg for tickets. But you do me a favor, and we’ll keep this just between you and me, you tell Jerry, not even tickets, a sideline pass. But don’t tell anybody.”

One would think with the kind of clout and bankroll Washington possesses he could secure some pretty sweet tickets along with a VIP pass pretty much anytime he wants this season.

I’m sure the members of the Cowboys were just as thrilled to make Washington’s acquaintance as well.

Photo: USA Today Sports