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Report: ‘Growing sense’ that Broncos want to trade back in first round

Jesse Reed
Oct 28, 2018; Kansas City, MO, USA; The Kansas City Chiefs cheerleaders perform during the second half against the Denver Broncos at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

A week ahead of the 2019 NFL Draft, it’s looking like the Denver Broncos might not be looking at drafting a quarterback in Round 1, after all.

At least, that’s what one report hints at. Benjamin Allbright noted Wednesday that the “growing sense” is that the Broncos would like to move back from their current spot, which is the No. 10 overall pick.

Now, this wouldn’t necessarily keep Denver from going quarterback in the first round. Yet if Drew Lock really was their target as it’s been reported since Senior Bowl week, then there’s almost no way the Broncos would be able to land him by moving back.

If Allbright’s report does reflect reality, then it might have something to do with Joe Flacco.

The former Baltimore Ravens quarterback made comments on Tuesday that indicated he’s not interested in another situation like the one he dealt with last year.

“The only thing I care about is I want this team to be as good as they can with me at quarterback,” Flacco said, per 9News. “So if they feel as a team as an organization we can add value to our team with the 10th pick, then I’m all for getting the guy who can add value to the team with me as the understood quarterback.”

Trading down and taking a non-quarterback would go a long way toward throwing full support behind Flacco as the undisputed leader of Denver’s offense. If, in fact, that’s what is the intended message.

Of course, whether that’s a smart move is certainly up for debate.