Denver Broncos Don’t Necessarily Like Philip Rivers

By Vincent Frank

The Denver Broncos can wrap up the AFC West title and a playoff spot Sunday afternoon against the division-rival San Diego Chargers.

As is the case with most teams around the NFL, it appears that the Broncos don’t like Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (via the Denver Post).

A lot of quarterbacks usually don’t say much, but he’ll talk,” future hall of Famer DeMarcus Ware, who is new to this rivalry, said about Rivers “If you hit him, he might say, ‘Hey, that was a nice hit,’ and pat you on the shoulder. That sort of (ticks) you off a little bit.

Not only is Ware a teammate of the most unassuming quarterback in the NFL, Peyton Manning, he previously played with a quiet leader in Tony Romo with the Cowboys.

Broncos defensive end Mitch Unrein, who grew up a fan of the team he currently plays for, didn’t mince words…

It’s probably because he’s a quarterback who shows emotions on the field. They usually hide them. He’s a great competitor…He lets it be known when he’s not very happy when there’s a bad call, a no-call or anything like that. He’s not a typical villain. People have names for how he acts, but I can’t say what it is.

Don’t worry Mr. Unrein, we know where you are coming from.

Seen as a jerk on the field, Rivers is a great guy off the field. He fields a family large enough (with one woman) to field another Brady Bunch, and he is among the most active NFL players in his community.

However great Rivers might be on the field, it’s readily apparent the Broncos don’t care too much for him on the field.

“He is a really good player who has won a lot of games. Yeah, he bothers people because he talks.” Broncos linebacker Von Miller said. “Everything little he does, he’s going to let you know about it.”

And this isn’t a quiet rivalry. Denver and San Diego don’t like one another. The Broncos obvious disdain of Rivers only adds to the rivalry.

Photo: USA Today