Dennis Rodman shows up on odds to be North Korea’s next leader

Anne Ryan, USA TODAY, USA TODAY via Imagn Content Services, LLC

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the health of Kim Jong-un, the 36-year-old Supreme Leader of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Some rumors have noted that the dictator was in failing health and has since passed away. Other reports are less clear.

Needless to say, the future of one of America’s biggest enemies is up in the air right now. With no clear line of succession, it will be interested to see who replaces Jong-un should reports of his demise come to fruition.

Some of the names are obvious. Kim Yo-jong, the 32-year-old sister of the current leader, could very well step up in his place. She’s currently the head of propaganda for the closed-off state.

Though, there’s another better-known name showing up on the odds to become North Korea’s next leader. Dennis Rodman. Yes, you read that right. The multi-time NBA champion, who has a relationship with Kim Jong-un, is showing up on odds-makers sites.

Via Sports Betting.

  • Kim Yo-jong: 3/2
  • Kim Jong-chol: 5/2
  • Choe Ryong-hae: 3/1
  • Pak Pong-ju: 4/1
  • Kim Su-gil: 5/1
  • Kim Pyong-il: 5/1
  • Kim Il-sung: 50/1
  • Ri Sol-ju: 80/1
  • Dennis Rodman: 100/1

The 58-year-old Rodman has almost as good odds as the current Supreme Leader’s wife, Ri Sol-ju. Think about that for a second.

Certainly, Rodman will not be picked to run North Korea in the case of Kim Jong-un passing away, but this is the most 2020 story ever.

No word yet on whether the five-time NBA champion plans on visiting Kim Jong-un any time soon. The two are said to have a great relationship, even better than the one President Donald Trump has with the despot.