DeMarcus Cousins appears to shade Pelicans in thank you to fans

Lost in the fact that DeMarcus Cousins shocked the NBA world by signing with the defending champion Golden State Warriors on Monday is that he leaves a New Orleans community that helped the center resurrect his career.

While only a member of the Pelicans for less than two seasons, Cousins’ career took off big time playing with Anthony Davis before ultimately going down with an Achilles injury in January.

Now that he’s chasing a ring with the Warriors, Cousins took to social media on Tuesday to thank Pelicans fans and the entire city of New Orleans.


Interestingly enough, Cousins did not thank his former teammates or the Pelicans’ organization. There’s different reports about whether the Pelicans in fact offered Cousins a contract before he opted to sign with the Warriors.

Either way, it seems that a brief career with the Pelicans ended on a sour note for Cousins. Given how his tenure concluded with the Sacramento Kings, this shouldn’t be considered a surprise.

It will be intriguing to see how Cousins and his personality meshes with the Warriors moving forward. That’s for sure.