DeMarcus Cousins would apparently love to see Carmelo Anthony join Pelicans

New Orleans Pelicans center DeMarcus Cousins is away in Africa right now, but he’s still keeping an eye out on things happening on this side of the world, too.

On Monday, an Instagram fan page of the Pelicans posted a picture of Cousins next to Olympics playing partner, Carmelo Anthony. The caption for the photo read “Olympics reunion to the Big Easy?”

Cousins, or someone who has access to his official Instagram account, liked that picture and gave the old “eyes” emoji in response.

Does this mean Anthony might end up in New Orleans next season to play with Boogie, Anthony Davis and Co.? Not likely. We’ve heard substantial rumors about the Cleveland Cavaliers and Houston Rockets (where he seems the most likely to land), among other teams. But the Pelicans aren’t on Anthony’s wish list.

Still, if he were to think long and hard about joining the Pelicans, at least we know Cousins would be interested in the arrangement.